Terms & Conditions Agreement for The Creed Cinematic Experiences
Please read all before considering your booking.

These Photographic experiences are run by The Creed which is solely owned by James Nader Productions Ltd ( JNPL ). These terms and conditions form the agreement between you, the photographer, or attendee and James Nader Productions Ltd  (JNPL). By booking an experience and signing this agreement, you agree to abide and be bound by these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns about this agreement, please contact

The actual experiences 

  1. For you to get the most out of the workshop and enjoy your experience, please ensure that you arrive at the specified location on time and attend each of our work session in full. If you are unable to attend you must notify us by email at  Latecomers are still allowed to participate with discretion of the team or James. Unfortunately you are not entitled to a refund even if you miss a segment of the workshop experience or don’t turn up at all for the session.
  2. If your behaviour or conduct is deemed unacceptable  or inappropriate by James or The Creed Team, you will be asked to leave the workshop session without any partial or full refund.
  3. James Nader and or The Team Creed are perfectly entitled to change the venue,  location or make changes to the overall running of the days workshop experience and in this unlikely event that changes are made to your day there will be notice made to all photographers as soon as possible.

Fees & Cancellations

  1.  A 50% deposit is required by (JNPL) for for each workshop at the time you enrol or sign up for your experience.  We will advise you the exact amount needed as a deposit at the time you complete your enrolment. Your 50% deposit confirms your place within our workshop workshop. If you cancel your enrolment in a workshop more than 8 weeks before the course start date, we will refund your deposit. After this time period the deposit is non-refundable.
  2. Following your acceptance of the booking, you will be required to pay us the balance amount of the workshop fee at least 30 days before the course start date. Failure to pay any of the remaining balance of the total fee for your chosen workshop will result in you losing you place within our workshop and therefore will not receive a refund of any portion of your deposit whatsoever.
  3. If outstanding fees are not paid by the due date specified, Team Creed will without hesitation reallocate your place to another photographer. You shall remain liable for the remainder of the fee for the workshop you were intending to access and we will endeavour claim this back from you. You will not get a refund and be liable to the final balance that was due at that time.
  4. Our Course transfer terms –If for any reason you are unable to attend the course you requested and because of the specialist nature of the experiences we offer, we are unable to re-allocate you to another one of our workshops or re-assign your booking to a similar course. If extenuating circumstances are proven then we may discuss options but this is on a case by case basis.
  5. Paypal & Bank Fees –  If you cancel your place on the workshop and there are Paypal/bank fees to process the refund of your booking transaction, you will be responsible for those fees and this amount will be removed from the total of your refund.
  6. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances The Creed may need to cancel a workshop at any time prior to commencement. In this unlikely event of cancelling  a workshop JNPL will notify you as soon as possible and any fees or deposits received from you will be refunded. We do not refund any travel or accommodation costs you may have incurred for cancelled courses.


The Creed Picture Usage

  1. Participating Photographers are not permitted to use images taken at the workshop for any commercial purposes that includes online or offline sales via stock or picture libraries or third parties. Any picture usage is strictly for your own use for self promotion via online or offline. Social media usage during your experience is allowed both during and after however only to promote what you are creating for your portfolio. Images can never be submitted to online or offline magazines, exhibitions or competitions without permission from us or from our models. Images must not be used to advertise photo-shoots, workshops or products. We can however review this on a ad-hoc basis and in this instance please get in contact with
  2. You acknowledge that we have advised you that none of the participants in the workshop have given releases allowing commercial use of any images taken at the workshop and that you may be subject to legal liability if you use any images commercially.  You agree to indemnify and defend James Nader Productions Ltd, its members officers and employees and all other participants in the workshop from any claims, losses, costs or expenses (including attorneys’ fees and disbursements) arising out of or relating to any claim that you have used an image taken at the workshop in any manner that is not permitted in this Agreement..
  3.  Any posting of images on social media is fine but subject to credit for The Creed and James Nader.


  1. Attending photographers are not allowed to film or record any content during their experience, without prior permission. Anyone who does so, could face legal action.

Our Liability

  1. James Nader, James Nader Productions and The Creed are not responsible for any personal injury or damage to property arising from incidents occurring at the experience. Remember to be aware of your won equipment at the experience as we are not responsible for  loss of, or damage to, your  property and you are advised to have your own insurance to cover your items or belongings.
  2. When booking your experience you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated in the above information.