Agnes was a superb model and works all over the world. She had just joined us from her Vogue feature shoot in Brazil. The weather was warm and the shots had been rolling off all day. Although initially the client wanted a fishing net in the image! We persuaded him to also try without it for a more editorial look and feel to the final image.

Keeping The Boat Still 

Keeping  the boat still in the water was a challenging and so to get around this we enlisted one of the guys to hold his breath behind the boat and submerge himself to hold it in position for a few shots and the then pause for a breathe. The sun was going down and had the glory glow which if not controlled can look a little Sports Illustrated which is not a bad thing if that’s what you are shooting, however it can make shots look a little archaic if not controlled correctly.

We did try some bounce flash and direct flash but i decided to shoot without any lighting or reflector. The Hassy kept on performing and capturing dozens of images. In fact i think we shot more at this shot that any others.



  • Temp: 24c
  • Camera: Hasselblad H4D
  • Lens: 24mm & 110mm
  • Shutter: 1/180
  • Aperture: f2.8 / F2.2
  • ISO:100
  • Any Problems: none

How it all mapped out.

After a lovely lunch and coffee, the team all head off to our location whilst Marco went to hire a boat for an hour or so. The lake was glassy still. and giant black trout were looking up at us from beneath the azure blue waters. If you have never been to this location in Croatia we would say please do so as it was simply stunning.

Gentle breezes and the faint waft of Lemon Thyme was in the air, the soft curling waves on the side of the shore could make you think you were at the beach however the water was a little cold. The model was on fire and worked intently to create the some great looks but also we wanted some new portfolio work, and after all the shots had been signed off both the video and photographers sloped off with the model for some one-on-one  shooting fashion and editorial.

I think I left the shoot using my own direction to find out car but had taken the wrong path and ended up a mile down hill of the lakes? and it was a long walk up hill again which seemed to take foreverThe crew were all relaxed and eating biccies again as I rolled up shattered and sweaty from the trek! Phil loaded up and we headed back to the ranch for dinner and a beer or 3!



  • Model: Fel (Czech)
  • TeamNader – James & Phil + Mary
  • Producer Marco – Lambertz
  • Styling – Andrea
  • Makeup – Chris
  • Other team members x15

Super Slow Motion shot with the Red camera, on the banks of Plitvice Lakes

Behind the Scenes footage from the days shoot

STONEHENGE: The famous landmark agrees to shoot.

In the insert shot below you can see the intimate shoot, close up with the wide angel lens allowed James to work up a great shooting relationship in a relatively short time. Feeling comfortable with the shoot, location and model was key and Petra kept a keen focus and what was needed. She believed totally in the concept and offered her own direction tot he image taking.

Some behind the scenes images from the shoot