IDUNA - Nordic Goddess of Eternal Youth: Location Belgium


Shooting the Goddess Iduna was one of the more relaxing shots of the tour. We were in Belgium in the area of Eifel which is part of the national forest. The task really was to find a suitable location and guess what – we had to find it while the model Ivana Miss Croatia and finalist in Miss World was getting ready. A last moment thought again!

 To fit in with the style mystical fashion, we had to create a type of ethereal effect with light, I didn’t really want mist everywhere, I wanted it to be believable and although not quite fashion, I wanted a fashionable look. Using a single light source on the model and one side light this was created. A generator was used to power the Creo 1200 pack.

The main problem facing the team was Marco the client, he was being really specific about the angle and how the bird should move and where the wings should really be for the final picture. To cover this we shot a complete range of images documenting the whole composition just in case. We needed to get the bird almost ready to take flight.

how it all mapped out

Setting up the shot with Ivana was easy enough but getting the bird to cooperate was more tricky. The bird was of course quite heavy but the dedicated approach by Ivana made sure she kept that bird up there! You might not think it would be heavy but over 30 minutes of shooting it gained weight and mass by her arm getting tired.

We didn’t realise quite how heavy the bird  was until we all had a go at carrying the bird for our own Instagram pictures. Wow! how Ivana do this? we still don’t know, her never moved and she looks so relaxed in the picture.

Lambertz biscuits were handed around

Lambertz handed out a range of biccies for us but I suppose after a while they don’t seem the same. There was a nice bar down the road where we all started from and dinner was all waiting for us after the shoot and all this was prior to setting off back to Aachen where we had to rendezvous at head office before Phil and I would zip off to UK for the next stage of the shoot starting at Stonehenge with Petra Nemcova

Behind the scenes video footage with Miss Croatia shooting the look


Set in a dramatic landscape of woods interspersed with water, the Eifel National Park will allow you to experience the fascinating natural diversity of a wilderness at first hand. For in this large protection area some 65 kilometres southwest of Cologne, nature has been left once more to its own eternal cycle of growth and decay. Over an area of 110 square kilometres (17,000 football pitches), the motto is “Let nature be nature”, as it is in National Parks all over the world.

Some behind the scenes images from the shoot