Shoot with James in Germany and work with top German Stylist Lorand Lajos

Learn the secrets of a top International fashion team shooting images which are normally only seen promoting the most luxurious brands and magazines, you will be shooting your own images at this level. Images which will be the envy of others, pictures that are strong, editorial, statements which in todays sea of photography enables them to stand out and get seen by Art Buyers.

This is a once in a lifetime unique and rare opportunity to work closely with James Nader and Lorand Lajos one of Europes top Fashion Stylists and Ateliers based in Munich Germany. James and Lorand worked together on the famous Lambertz Campaign -here- lavish and eccentric outfits designed and styled by Lorand were captured on location by James Nader and his team on the Epic 27 day European tour the images were featured worldwide.

For the Lambertz Campaign James Nader and the team worked with Dita Von Teese, Petra Nemcova, Miss Germany, Miss Croatia and top IMG model Agnes. This creative shooting team of Lorand and James are now re-creating this successful shoot experience once more for a once in a lifetime chance to gain access to the top quality production and images.

We will be working in a Munich based studio producing a sequence of editorial images featuring the luxury outrageous styling of Lorand. He will style and craft the look directly with James who will in turn guide you through your shooting experience and ensure that you light and capture excellent pictures. Lorand is an excellent Art Director and will be on hand not only to create the looks and styles but hands on interaction and Art-Direction

The fashion experience will feature a range of fashion Atelier created and styled by Lorand and will happen over 2 days where you will learn what it is like to shoot images as a high fashion level with great models and make up.



  • Learn the Secrets of how a top creative team puts together a High Couture & Avantgarde shoots
  • Discuss the outfits and styling
  • See how Lorand krafts his Mood Boards and how they work
  • Opportunity to work with a talented creative team
  • James on hand to mentor and guide you in your shots whilst you shoot
  • Chance to shoot with a world class stylist based in Germany who pushes the boundaries of creativity.
  • Take your photography and portfolio to the next level
  • Fantasy Fashion Editorial
  • Controversial European Styling
  • German models in a German studio
  • German Make-Up and Hair




SHOOT 2 day shoot

Studio Experience Shoot 6-8 looks– this shoot is studio based 


It is great way of seeing the whole process of Editorial production and how to pull together to create a selection of emotive images. This chance to work with James and Lorand is all about gaining access to this opportunity allowing creative minded photographers wishing to gain advanced photographers  insight  by producing super high end Couture and Avantgarde images for fashion. learn how to master the production of a successful fashion story with their own creative team to create images which are suitable for a magazine editorial submission. Images captured in this experience will give Photographers a major boost or update in their portfolio, working experience and confidence as well as creating images which are stand alone pieces of Fine Art. The whole process from start to finish




Your day will begin first thing in the morning, We will introduce you to the team involved in the days experience, You will meet and greet James and the Creed team, who will make you feel comfortable and give you a brief explanation about your day and what to expect during the flow of the day, We discuss requirements for make-up, styling, hair and of course the model and what is needed from them. We will look at some basics of setting up your own fashion editorial and run through some important factors to work on in advance such as,

  • Looking at the sets available over the days
  • Intro from the creed
  • Prep talk from Lorand Lajos
  • Introduction by James
  • Setting up your team
  • Meet the model
  • What is the stylists plan
  • Shoot your models with guidance
  • End of day chat about images and selection



We will discuss the mood board, clothing and style and look to the makeup looks which we will be working with throughout the day. Whilst the team begin the process of making up the model and styling them, James will run through the basics of the lights and look for the morning session shoot.

James will cover the light control of the day and how this can be interpreted in different ways and explain why the light matters in the types of looks your are going for but keeping continuity through each shot. We will take a few questions and answers at this point.

The aim of this experience is for you the photographer to dive right in and the shoot with the confidence knowing that James is close to hand to offer advice and support in learning how the light is working with model and show how working with the model is important to get the best out of them and your day. James mentoring for your session will help you work up your confidence and model direction to capture excellent imagery

Where many Masterclasses and Workshops let you down is in your directing the shoot, model and team and keeping up the atmosphere and working with the model to get the best out of your opportunity working together. This is one of the most important items to consider in making your shoots successful when you create your own

By the time you finish your day with James you will  have a newly acquired skill and direction in shooting models and directing them over 6-8 looks for submission  also new creative shots for your portfolio!

how can I join james & Lorand on this event?

Your place is secured once you register and pay a deposit

In the first case please register your interest here and one of the team will get back to you with full details. At the same time would request a deposit of 50% for this event.

Please note that this opportunity to work with James on set and create your own material is aimed at photographers who have a reasonable level of understanding their camera. Although we can help with some technical issues this is NOT a technical course and is aimed at you shooting and getting images you need form this day and your investment.

When you arrive at the Munich studio in Germany, you will be met and introduced to the other photographers and our team for the day. We will then sit down to a light continental breakfast and then start the informal chat about the day and look at model comp cards and the styling mood boards whilst we relax into the flow of the day.

We really aim to begin the shoot with the model by around 11.00am, you will see James start to work with the model and get them warmed up and then its all over to you to begin shooting. There are of course other photographers there but you will get plenty of time to shoot both models and get the 6- 8 looks needed to complete your editorial.


Photographers must find own flights and accommodation to this event

Places: There will be a limit of 12 students for this event
We aim to have 2 models to work with throughout the day

Your Investment for this experience:


Your place includes Light breakfast, lunch and afternoon teas. You will have rights release to all your images for portfolio use and online.


If you want to be added to the shortlist, please email

Times: 9.30AM Call time
Places: There will be a limit of 12 Photographers for this experience.


Equipment to bring: Camera, lenses (Prime lenses from 85mm or 50mm but for more interesting angles we recommend also bringing a small zoom lens 24-70mm is good), memory cards, camera charger, laptop, tablet (or mouse). We think that bringing in any portfolio is not really needed but it would be required that in advance you submit some images to review and to include in a small presentation meet and greet (optional)

images ©Lorand Lajos

images © James Nader