12 Apr, 2017

Fashion Photography Masterclass

12 Apr, 2017

Fashion photography Masterclass

Fashion Photography Masterclass with James should be seen an experience and not a workshop. This means that unlike other courses you will expereince shooting fashion and guided through the process of capturing beautiful images, working with a creative desing team from makeup up artists to super styling and agency represented models. No white backgrounds here!


We are creating a beautifully structured Fine Art Fashion Editorial production which will on this occasion be on location. You will become part of “The Creed” experience which has been crafted for photographers to get the very best out of their photography. “The Creed” will create sublime one off fashion shoot experiences. These shoots really push the boundaries in creative concepts and opportunity for the photographers that become part of “The Creed”  This will help them achieve an immersive shoot experience with James, The Creed team, models and locations.

Super opportunity to shoot original conceptual images. Add them to your portfolio and gain great experiences from working in a superb location with The Creed creative team. As part of this particular masterclass, all the photographers who join us on these courses gain access to our Film Production opportunity.


To photograph Fine Art Avante-Garde gallery pictures

Our for this Fashion Experience is working towards creating a selection of Fine Art Pictures which sit together in any book as fine pieces of work. Eccentricity is key to the styling of these images and with great styling, simple but effective lighting and super makeup we plan to take you on a creative journey of light, shape and form whilst working but the side of James Nader who will guide your shooting experience throughout the day.

See the Fashion Photography Masterclass


See more of James Nader work on his website WWW.JAMESNADER.COM


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