On the last day of the shoot we found ourself in Ibiza, Teamnader was under pressure to create three great looks in a short space of time. There was no real plan for this look and to be honest it was an idea just pulled out of the bag on location. Back at base it was suggested that Lambertz wanted a high impact front cover to rival Pirelli and Dita and the horse was first choice.

There was no visual to work from and it was to be created in composition in the post-production stage, Dita would later be placed in the mountains of Austria in Hintertux! I had to shoot fast and almost in direct sun so with all of the gear, horse and make-up Dita began to melt. There wasn’t a California sun bounce to diffuse the light, however an umberella was just enough to shoot in the shade and balanced the coolness to the shot which would help create that cool mountain glow needed for the Goddess look.

I remember only shooting maybe 20 shots for this and out of 20 there were only 5 that made the short choice. Dita has a beautiful completion and in this shot this is evident. I have stripped out the tree that was used to support her arm.


  • Temp: -1c
  • Camera: Hasselblad H4D
  • Lens: HCD – 24mm
  • Shutter: 1/250
  • Aperture: F11
  • Any Problems: Cold, Windy and the occasional snow flurry

Personally I like to eat nice food and today the production crew had set out a superb feast for us to tuck into. It was delivered from the side of the production transit van in the shade. Dita had eaten elsewhere but the crew were starving. Sunny and hot we all tucked in washed down by lashings of, well not beer but pop! Phil and I were heading back that night to London and almost immediately we were leaving however the Lambertz crew were staying on for a few days to see the delicious delights of old town IBIZA.

Not many shots exist and hardly any behind the scenes images are available? not sure why but we suspect late nights and alcohol may have been to blame. Video looks nice but very much the same with out diversity so all we can conclude on the last few days is that the full Lambertz crew had a great time whilst Phil and I were desperate to get back to Blighty after 27 days of travel and shooting. Pretty much a full on session I think but very enjoyable.


  • Dita Von Teese and a horse (Drugged)
  • TeamNader – James & Phil + Mary
  • Producer Marco – Lambertz
  • Styling – Andrea
  • Makeup – Chris
  • Other team members x15

Shooting in the sun is not always the best. It needs to be really  controlled but interesting effects can be created if you manage your exposures well. We didn’t have the luxury of that much control here, all shots had to be taken and completed in two hours. Sun and heat were the main problems but it was important for me to think outside of the box in terms of the finished article and how this was conveyed to the model so that Dita could also understand the final look needed from her, difficult without a mood-board or production schedule or even an idea of the intended final picture.

One of the most pressured shoots done for me so far, not just working to the tech spec but also working fast with a model who is used to full production being provided and in a suitably controlled environment. Dita was working outside of her own comfort zones and to be honest so was I. But together it worked out by giving her clear direction as to what I thought it should look like.

The final post produced image above gives a final image for the Goddess IRIS