Master Hollywood Film Lighting in Fashion and Burlesque


Lighting is key to successful photography and the final image, using film lighting is a skill mastered by the great Hollywood film photographers such as Sinclair Bull and Hurrell to create beautiful portfolio images of the Hollywood Starlets.

James began his photographic career using film lights and film lighting techniques to get the Cinematic looks of some of his portfolio work. This is your unique opportunity to learn from James and his team  how to use cinematic lighting to craft your shots light with film lights. We will be using Arri film lights, Red Heads and Blondes and some LED lights.

Using film lights is a great way of making your images look different, The secret is to look for the sweet spot in how the light falls onto the subject, when this is used with correct make up the image just gains an intense luminosity both in black and white and colour. On this experience you will have the opportunity to shoot with film lighting with professional models to help create that perfect classic look but in a modern way. The lighting James will demonstrate is suitable for modern stories or fine art fashion pieces.




  • Learn to light with the film lights and with LED to create a similar effect, using up to 3 lights for that Hollywood glow.
  • Film Camera opportunity with Real film stock shooting black and white supplied and processed by Ilford and access to Bronica ETRs and RZ6x7 and lenses to shoot some rolls for your self but also use your own digital camera and lenses shooting raw but viewing the shots as black and white so you understand how to light and capture images in the black and white
  • The Digital process to get perfect black and whites
  • Working with the model
  • Makeup: using the correct makeup for the look
  • Discussion about the elements involved in making this set work for you
  • Presets, some giveaways to create authentic film looks in your digital darkroom
  • Camera and lens techniques to create the soft look
  • Burlesque model and fashion model



The theme we are setting for this shoot is “FILM NOIR” celebrating the classic Hollywood Photographers work and how this transcends into modern day work. To make this interesting we are styling the shoots based around some classic images created in the 30’s and these will be styled and lit so you can gain authentic looking lighting but with modern fine art images.



The mood board gives you an idea of lighting styles are using.


Your day will begin around 9:30am, James will introduce you to the team involved in the days experience, we will make you feel comfortable and give you a brief explanation about your day and what to expect during the flow of the day, We discuss requirements for make-up, styling, hair and of course the model and what is needed from them. We will be looking at working with a range of lights so James will run through them and explain how they can work for you to create the look. He will run through the control of the lights and how to look out for the sweet spot. This creates the creamy effect in colour and black and white.

After lunch we will reconvene the shooting experience until concussion of the shoot by 3pm. After a coffee break it will be time to run through some of the images and some post production techniques in creating the perfect black and white image. James will run through some dark room techniques which can be recreated in Photoshop and give away some black and white presets which should help your black and white production in Photoshop.

Editorial Image by James Nader

How can I join James on this experience? - Book your opportunity now.

In the first case please register your interest here and one of the team will get back to you with full details. At the same time would request a deposit of 50% for this event.

Please note that this opportunity to work with James on set and create your own material is aimed at photographers who have a reasonable level of understanding their camera. Although we can help with some technical issues this is NOT a technical course and is aimed at you shooting and getting images you need form this day and your investment.

When you arrive at the central London studio you will be met and introduced to the other photographers and our team for the day. We will then sit down to a light continental breakfast and then start the informal chat about the day and look at model comp cards and the styling mood boards whilst we relax into the flow of the day.

We really aim to begin the shoot with the model by around 11.00am, you will see James start to work with the model and get them warmed up and then its all over to you to begin shooting. There are of course other photographers there but you will get plenty of time to shoot both models and get the 6- 8 looks needed to complete your editorial.

This is a two – day event.

Places: There will be a limit of 12 students for this event
We aim to have 2 models to work with throughout the day

Your Investment for this experience:
One Day £1280.00

Please email for more information



Equipment to bring: Camera, lenses (Prime lenses from 85mm or 50mm but for more interesting angles we recommend also bringing a small zoom lens 24-70mm is good), memory cards, camera charger, laptop, tablet (or mouse). We think that bringing in any portfolio is not really needed but it would be required that in advance you submit some images to review and to include in a small presentation meet and greet (optional)