London Fashion Photographer James Nader is now offering these unique and rare opportunities to work alongside him in his live workshops, working with beautifully crafted concepts and with great professional London fashion models – Take your creativity in photography to the NEXT level. Power up and learn the inside story of Shooting, Lighting and Post- Production with these carefully crated Workshops and Masterclasses. James has launched “The Creed” to be the resource for photographers looking to accelerate their learning and abilities.




James has over the years developed a very strong visual message delivered through his creative concept photography and Avantgarde style. His EFFECTIVE lighting style and STRONG Visual Concepts allows his work to stand out. James is now sharing all of his inside knowledge of Lighting, Shooting & Post-Production techniques in a selection of workshops.

James and his team “Creed” produce and art direct carefully crafted experiences which will allow photographers to fully engage in a creative concept portfolio building opportunity. Working with Art Direction, MakeUp, Styling and real London models who are signed to London agencies you will have the chance to work on these workshops with James who will guide you though your days either in the studio or on location. James is your mentor who will be with you throughout the events offering advice tips and tricks he has learned over the last 20 years shooting for a range of clients and brands in the UK and Internationally.

These unique opportunities are like getting your degree at University, learning lighting, shape and form and gaining inside knowledge to accelerate your photography. This is a ONE on ONE small group sessions working with James all day. This is your unique chance to work alongside a professional photographer who has years of experience and is still working in the industry and has real first hand knowledge of clients and how they work and what they need form you the photographer.


There is a range of workshops that you can invest in some of these are featured below
but the full offering is at

Each Workshop has a variation of what is involved but the points listed below give a good idea.

  • A range of creative fashion lighting set-ups.
  • Fine Art Pictures creation.
  • Styling extreme.
  • Superb Make-up styles and application.
  • Set of high quality images suitable for gallery printing and for your own book with sign off.
  • Industry Models.
  •  5 setups with opportunity to shoot 5 looks plus any behind the scenes.
  • Setting the Studio
  • Lighting choice for this shoot and why
  • Lighting control
  • Setting up your team
  • Going through stylist mood board
  • What is the style – does the model suit the look
  • Pull letters and working with stylists
  • What happens if things don’t map out
  • Testing the model and light together – testing the setup
  • What is a good starting point with all 3 aspects, model, light and photographer
  • How to engage with your model and be inclusive
  • You will learn one to one with James Nader.
  • Your own individual shooting time with the models and lights.
  • Take your pictures home for your own portfolio and editing with sign off for shots for your own book.
  • Intimate photographer numbers make a fun and relaxed shooting environment.
  • Meet and network with other like minded photographers and creatives.

James Nader is a British Fashion Photographer, Director and image-maker, establishing himself as a fashion photographer in UK and then Europe over the last 20 years, Having been trained in the classic analogue photographic and printing processes Nader has crafted his aesthetic and cinematic style. Creative lighting and unique sense of Avantgarde photographic concepts has seen James work appear in magazines both in the UK and Internationally and work with a range of Brands and Agencies who all love his aesthetic style and ease of working.

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Creating the look needed for your portfolio with images that stand out amongst others. You will go through the mood board and discuss the looks as James discusses the best shots and how to apply them to you book both online and off in a crafted Portfolio. Full input on the aesthetics of your portfolio.

The best shots often come from the most simplest of lighting. James will show you a range of simple but effective lighting which will make your images stand out. The best lighting is often he cheapest. You will be shown each set how to change this to best effect and how the light interacts with your model. Work with Top Stylists Loenid Gurevich and Lorand Lajos.

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There is a lot of interest in the Workshops with James and these are strictly on first come basis. As the courses are filling up we are asking for you to firstly register your interest by simple emailing your request and the Workshop that you are interested in taking part in.


fashion photography workshops
fashion photography workshops
fashion photography workshops